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Re: What book are you currently reading?

Wow. What did I start? My only comment was on your "nothing happens" argument, which I dismiss because it is up to the reader as to what "something" is. You obviously were stating you preferred an action laden story rather than one with plotting, thinking, supposition and hearsay/word of mouth driven plot. Preference is different.

But based on your attacking of RJ's prose (I haven't reached BS's writing for WoT yet), I'm guessing you don't like a lot of fantasy that often takes odder structures to affect the reading experience. You must have hated Tolkien who had some of the driest and awkward prose in the 20th century. Of course, I love his works despite that fact.

Originally Posted by candy View Post
Ok. What's happening here is that you obviously like Brandon Sanderson. Thus, you find it hard to accept or even consider that the quality of his prose as bad; thus, being human and such, probably had no idea what the fuck prose even meant, and while pretending you did, assumed his was good.
Dissembling that argument: "when given the same evidence as me, you disagreed with my assessment, thus you are wrong." Wow, sir. You are telling me we shouldn't question your intelligence after trying to bludgeon the argument with that gem?

Because you interpret reality in the most self flattering way; you like BS, so his prose must be good. Thus, you iterate nonsensical words and phrases (The difference between horrid and peotic prose is a matter of opinion? And so is evolution, yet the evidence is so insurmountable i'd as soon disbelieve my existance.) making no real argument, in an attempt to make manifest your deluded view of reality.
You are actually arguing aesthetics?! Do you like red? I dislike red. Thus, anyone who likes red is wrong. That's pretty much what you've laid out here.

And to propose Sanderson's prose as good is to oppose reality(I will show you 10 critics reviews stating how terrible his writing is for every 1 you show me praising it).Than there's this fact you seem loathe to comprehend: this doesn't mean his books are bad.
It isn't about numbers. Kael likes it, you don't. End of argument.

Secondly, I didn't bash the genre. This goes along with your assumption that mediocre prose is equivilient to meaning a bad book and goes along with my assumption that your understanding of said word is, at the least, flawed.
Feels like a redefinition of the argument, but I'll accept and discuss.

I would disagree with your statement that you can have a good book with bad prose. Bad prose can completely destroy a novel, due to the fact that the prose will drive your imagination to fill in the gaps and lack of visuals. If the prose is bad, any number of plot twists can't save it, because the novel will hold no depth. I have read any number of cookie-cutter suspense/thriller/mystery/fantasy novels that have had sub-par prose and surprise plots, but wouldn't call any of them good reads. Easy reads come to mind.

WoT is a massive story with a very deep and convoluted plot. The prose reflects that with the careful pace it sets. I could see complaints with the slow placing (especially in the later books you mentioned, and I do agree to some extent) and overuse of description and character thoughts, but that is part of the way RJ has allowed for such a massive cast and plot, by giving equal weight to any number of characters, important or not. Gives a level of strength to the novel. I like it. I find it engrossing and consuming. I would not recommend WoT to a casual reader who wants a beginning - end story, because it will take the 14 novels to get there. But for the fantasy reader, it is a story on a massive scale that should be experienced.

Of course, I have many other novels and series I would recommend higher. Song of Fire and Ice is a much better read because it does a lot of the same things that WoT does, but does not come off as heavy or convoluted. But again, that's all taste.

And your last statement was a vain instinct to socially posture; make fun of my intellect by recommending me goosebumps, preceded by a statement that was nonsense in the guise of wisdom: purportedly conveying yourself as one of prodigious knowledge and intellect. Cool story bro.
What do you have against Goosebumps? You too good for youth lit?

@thebaron: Stop pretending like you have any clue what's going on around you; whereupon, by not spending your limited intellect pretending, you may actually begin understanding what's going on... See what I did there?
Finally, to top it all off, after chastising someone for insulting someone's intellect, you poorly word a retort against someone else's, possibly under the guise of "this is what you are doing to me", but still, kind of a jerk move.
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