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Re: What book are you currently reading?

Originally Posted by candy View Post
@thebaron: Stop pretending like you have any clue what's going on around you; whereupon, by not spending your limited intellect pretending, you may actually begin understanding what's going on... See what I did there?
You know what? I read one of your posts, and that was enough for me to realize, that you are a complete idiot. Now, I have to admit that I forgot what you wrote, so it was not that important or intelligent - so if you wouldn't mind getting the fuck away from my dick, I would be very pleased. See what I did there?

EDIT! Found the post that you screwed up

Originally Posted by candy View Post
Brandon Sanderson and RJ's prose isn't debatable or a matter of opinion as far as im concerned, it's just bad. That in and of itself doesn't ruin a book though; I thought BS's mistborn series was alright(what im judging his prose off of). And I doubt you enjoy it, you're just not aware of how much better it could be. Honestly in a genre filled with mediocre writers RJ and BS are at the bottum of the spectrum.
How can you say, what can be better? Sure, it can be better - BY YOUR OWN TASTE! If Kael likes the style and book, and makes him want to read it - what is your fucking problem? Get the fuck off a brothers back, let him read the goddamn book, and go back to read Winnie the Pooh. Or whatever childish shit you read. (Not that Winnie the Pooh is bad!)

When the time comes, and you have become a bookreporter for Amazon or some shit like that - get back to me, and I might consider reading whatever the hell you write about a book. Until then, leave me the fuck alone, and let me read the fucking books I prefer. Fuck you and goodnight.
2nd. coolest thread ever.

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