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Re: What book are you currently reading?

Originally Posted by Fayrra View Post
How was this book, anyway?
Lolita was pretty solid, stylistically. The narrative was told really well, and I think that Nabokov writing style and storytelling abilities are his strengths. As far as the value of the story itself, I don't really know how I feel about it. I feel like I missed something, since I have heard that it is about totalitarianism, but if it is about totalitarianism, is the story of Lolita really the best medium of communicating that subject?

I had to read Speak, Memory by Nabakov over the summer for my AP Literature class. Nabakov is an amazing writer, but the book was poorly put together, in my opinion. It is a collection of a lot of different writings he wrote about himself, so I feel that the parts are greater than the whole. My First Poem was a really good chapter.

Right now I am reading Samuel Beckett's Watt. I am actually starting to get
Beckett after having read Murphy andWaiting for Godot. I have always liked the themes behind his stories, but I am really starting to understand his sense of humor, which seemed boring at the time I read the other too, but not so much Godot.

I just finished reading Brave New World for school. I thought I would hate Huxley because of his views on LSD and such, but I came out agreeing with him more often then not in BNW. I don't think what he had to say was amazing, though, as it has been said by many. His writing style is horrible, though.

After finishing Watt I want to start The Count of Monte Cristo, which I got last Christmas and have not read yet.
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