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Re: Bleach Chapter Prediction

Originally Posted by Jumare View Post
I think some of the vizards will reclaim there positions;
Unlikely since they never claimed to be allied with the Gotei 13 when they were fighting the Espada. Shinji told Yamamoto that they were on Ichigo's side and not the Gotei 13. The Vizards were going to be killed by the Gotei 13, why would they go back after 100 years?

Cuz there's the Hisagi and Kensei "storyline" thta hasn't been developed yet.
The only aspect of that storyline that was important was why Hisagi has the "69" on his cheek. He was rescued by Kensei, saw the "69" tat on his stomach, and got it himself as kind of a respect thing. That's all that the "storyline" between them involved. The only thing I would see happening between Kensei and Hisagi is Hisagi goes to Kensei to train more

And both Hinamori and Kira probably need reliable captains to help them get over their previous captains' betrayals.
Kira is doing fine now. He was depressed for a little bit, but Gin even commented that Kira's doing fine now. He's accepted Gin's betrayal and essentially took over Captain duties for Squad 3.

Hinamori is a different story. She claims to be ok with what happened, but still called Aizen "Captain". Not to mention she was royally fucked up when Aizen swapped places with her using Kyoka Suigetsu. She won't be returning for quite some time. But when she does, she'll realize that Aizen is gone and she'll have grown up.

I think that makes more sense than their promoting Renji as captain.
Making Renji a captain is actually a good idea. He has Bankai (a pre-requisite for all ways of gaining Captain rank aside from killing the previous captain in a 1-on-1 fight). He constantly trains to better himself (mostly to surpass Byakuya, but he still trains). As a lieutenant, he has to lead smaller squads so he does have leadership training.

As for new Captains, Kira and Hisagi are sure to become captains of their respective squads.

Hisagi technically dealt the final blow to Tosen, as stabbing him through the neck and releasing his shikai took Tosen out of the fight. Because this took place in front of at least one captain (not sure who all was watching, since it requires at least 2 captains for battle promotions), he has the chance to become the new Captain of Squad 9. Hisagi has already taken over Captain duties of Squad 9 with Tosen's betrayal, so it's not like he doesn't have the ability for it.

Kira would have to achieve bankai first. But Matsumoto has pointed out that Kira and Hisagi both vanish to train while she was watching Toshiro train, so he's on the path to gaining bankai.
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