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Re: Bleach Chapter Prediction

Originally Posted by ask me anything View Post
I'm assuming k-lai means that the Gotei 13 are a long forgotten aspect of this manga, and the Captains ineptitude against Aizen had relegated them to being mere supporting characters, so the idea of filling the missing seats is highly irrelevant to the plot at the moment.
Well, it is irrelevant to the plot right now since the main plot of this arc is getting Ichigo his powers back so he can deal with the next big-bad or Aizen breaking free.

As for the Captains ineptitude towards Aizen, it happens with the writer decides to troll everyone with his favorite character and then turn said character into a massive fag (fairy mode Aizen, 'nuf said). Kubo even trolled himself with Aizen, as he made him so powerful that he couldn't properly kill him off after revealing Gin's true bankai (seriously, he had an out with that and instead chose to kill off a cool character for that fairy)

Though I may be giving the guy a little too much credit here.
With his track record of posts, I think you are. Like IKN, pretty much every post by k-lai in no way contributes to the current conversation topic of whatever thread he(she?) posts in.
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