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Re: What book are you currently reading?

Originally Posted by AkamaruChewtoy View Post
Heh. Well, first off, Atheist =/= anti-Christian. I'm not. I'm not even truly anti-religion. I am against segments of it that are out-dated, ignorant, sexist, racist, brainwashing and backward, and I am completely for the separation of all religion from matters of state, but I accept there are positive forces in people of faith that should be encouraged.

As for the series, I know nothing about it. I do not believe there is anything written that people should not read (I've read 75% or so of the Bible - freaken psalms - and have considered the Quran to see what the fuss is about). But if you let such works brainwash you and make you into some of the strange freaks who promote and demand that you believe such nonsense, then we have a problem.

But I know you are better than that from comments on your faith. So, all power to you.
Haha, again I know your not anti-Christian but many members are. And yeah, some/most Christians are assholes.
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