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Re: Arizona Rep. Giffords shot, 6 killed in rampage

Originally Posted by ask me anything View Post
WTF?! Some of you people are making the most asinine claims. How exactly does Sarah Palin in any way have anything to do with this??? If you would do a little research before you talk you would know this guy has been planning to kill this congresswoman ever since 2007!!! That's before anybody (outside of alaska) even knew who Sarah Palin was. Come on people.
The extreme right wingers are constantly spouting out their violent, gun-filled rhetoric at the American people. For fuck's sake, Glenn Beck's website has a picture of him wielding a gun cycling through his home page. As for the guy plotting to shoot/kill Giffords, yeah, it's been a work in progress. A lot of people plot stupid shit like this all the time, especially if they're mentally unstable, but they don't all act on it for one reason or another.

But when a politician posts a list of other politicians (politicians whom the gunman had an issue with for voting for the healthcare bill, which the gunman also opposed, by the way) and marks them with motherfucking crosshairs it might push some people over the edge or rally them to action. Also, Palin said "don't retreat, just reload" to opponents of healthcare reform.

When I hear "reload" I think of a gun. When I see crosshairs I think gun. Put two and two together.

This guy is an extreme left wing, atheist, liberal.
Sarah Palin, is an extreme right wing, christian, conservative.
Their exact opposites of one another, yet they have (supposedly) similar enough views that she "inspired" him to do what he did. Fail logic is fail.
They oppose healthcare reform and they bitch about abuse of government power. Drop the "supposedly." And before you say "HURR DURR THAT ISN'T ENOUGH" think about the Allies during World War II. Soviet Union was Communist. America, England, France, etc. were democratic. Polar opposites, yet they banned together over "Fascists bad." Also, the gunman was mentally unstable. You can't really expect the guy to rationally think about the similarities and differences between his beliefs and Palin's.

My point of bringing up Palin's list: it's fucking unacceptable to publish shit like that because people can, will, and have acted in response to such things. If you don't believe me, think about how many people have been persecuted and executed because they were labeled as enemies of the state. Palin's list is the same thing, except a lot more ignorant.

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