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Re: Arizona Rep. Giffords shot, 6 killed in rampage

Originally Posted by LonelyNinja View Post
The extreme right wingers are constantly spouting out their violent, gun-filled rhetoric at the American people. For fuck's sake, Glenn Beck's website has a picture of him wielding a gun cycling through his home page. As for the guy plotting to shoot/kill Giffords, yeah, it's been a work in progress. A lot of people plot stupid shit like this all the time, especially if they're mentally unstable, but they don't all act on it for one reason or another.

But when a politician posts a list of other politicians (politicians whom the gunman had an issue with for voting for the healthcare bill, which the gunman also opposed, by the way) and marks them with motherfucking crosshairs it might push some people over the edge or rally them to action. Also, Palin said "don't retreat, just reload" to opponents of healthcare reform.
Cool story bro, but your assuming way too much. Can you prove that this gunman ever saw Palins little poster? If he didn't then it never affected his judgment at all, and Palin has nothing to do with this.

Palins poster was designed to point out politicians that she and her party had personal disagreements with so that they could focus on them in a civil debate. She never said, "Let's go kill these guys", and any SANE person would understand that. Just because this guy was insane doesn't mean that she did anything wrong, and we should have to tip toe around and watch what we say so it doesn't offend someone or send them off the deep end. That's ridiculous thinking.


When I drive down the road, I assume the other people can actually drive properly and won't fucking run into me. We have police and highway patrols officers that efforce the traffic laws, and keep most reckless driving to a minimal. Even so I keep an eye on people and if I see someone that's not driving right, I should call the police and let them know. From what your saying if I see someone driving recklessly I should just get off the road entirely, and walk to avoid incidents. See how that doesn't work.

Same thing here. I go about my life assuming people aren't crazy as shit, and behave normally. If I see someone acting crazy, I'm gonna keep a close eye on that dude. This gunman took classes at a community college, and everyone there knew he was fucking nuts. They tried repeating to get him expelled from class to no avail. People even tried to report this guy as as insane to authorities and they did nothing. It's because of the states failure to act that this incident happened.

When I hear "reload" I think of a gun. When I see crosshairs I think gun. Put two and two together.
I'm reminded of obama's famous quote. "If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun".

They oppose healthcare reform and they bitch about abuse of government power. Drop the "supposedly." And before you say "HURR DURR THAT ISN'T ENOUGH" think about the Allies during World War II. Soviet Union was Communist. America, England, France, etc. were democratic. Polar opposites, yet they banned together over "Fascists bad." Also, the gunman was mentally unstable. You can't really expect the guy to rationally think about the similarities and differences between his beliefs and Palin's.
You need to read up on your history. WWII had nothing to do with ideology and camaraderie WWII was a giant power struggle. Nothing more. The Soviet Union saw that it could expand into Eastern Europe. The U.S. was making a small fortune supplying the Allies (and the Axis) before they entered the war. Even before the war was over U.S. and England knew the Soviets were going to be the next major threat, but we chose to do nothing immediately, because we thought the Soviets would take longer to recover from the war due to the astounding number of causalities they endured. No one thought they would get nuclear weapons as soon as they did, and that stopped any thoughts of war against them.

My point of bringing up Palin's list: it's fucking unacceptable to publish shit like that because people can, will, and have acted in response to such things. If you don't believe me, think about how many people have been persecuted and executed because they were labeled as enemies of the state. Palin's list is the same thing, except a lot more ignorant.
So if the list had checkmarks instead that would have been totally cool. <_<

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