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Re: Arizona Rep. Giffords shot, 6 killed in rampage

Originally Posted by Numinous View Post
What? Couldn't she throw away "Hamlet", "Frankenstein" or "Where the Wild Things Are" to pretend she actually knows something about literature?
She called it an ambush question and couldn't answer it because nothing was given to her on one of the pre-written interview note cards she's always carrying around. I've watched several interviews with her that had her answering questions by first restating the key word(s) of the question, then completely changing the subject to something not even remotely close to the topic while pushing her own agenda.

No! Trilobites were already calling him Grandpa.
I'm pretty sure he saw the first moon rising.

That's not an exclusive to the US, I'm afraid. Even countries with 5 major political parties like mine are suffering from the constant (and useless) bickering. Politics nowadays are more geared towards undermining whoever is opposing to get a better a chance to be in power next election rather than presenting constructive criticisms and viable alternatives. And, to boot, the media aren't doing any good to the situation either (like Fox News, perhaps the guiltiest of them all).
Multi-partisan governments are horrible because they rarely ever agree with each other. It's stupid how people can't agree with each other over "duh" things like health care or this "war" or even figure out a way to get us out of this deficit.

The last is a major issue with the Republicans. They keep going on and on about how Obama has done nothing to help the national deficit when he stated in his first speech after becoming President "It will take time to fix this debt, possibly longer than the 2 terms I can possibly serve". Hell, during the interim period when Bush was leaving office and Obama was getting in, Obama was with a team of financial experts trying to figure out how to best fix this debt and the depression we're in (this was less than a week after he was elected, I might add).
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