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Re: Arizona Rep. Giffords shot, 6 killed in rampage

Originally Posted by Numinous View Post
Damn, those incompetent note cards writers!
Damn them all to HELL!!

Truth to be told, many politicians are like that: no matter what is being discussed they'll push their agenda at all costs.
Well, yeah I know. But she never even bothered to answer the questions before going on about whateverthefuck she was babbling about. I never took her seriously so when she spoke my brain shut down.

Oh they do, when they focus on a common enemy. Like the left wing ganging up on a certain party of the right wing and vice-versa.

I still don't get how a simple thing that works so well in Europe was such a flamefest. If it was only the health insurance companies bitching about the change, I'd get it, but it was an whole lot of people, even people that would benefit greatly from the change. Really, the whole "death panels" argument was baffling.
The best part of it was the people protesting with signs saying "Keep your government hands off my Medicare!". But yeah, no idea where the "Death Panels" fallacy emerged. I have no idea why we still don't have a national health insurance plan in place. It's an amazing idea and works well over in Europe. I guess it's the whole "keep government out of (insert asinine idea here)" mentality that is really a part of the Liberal ideology.

I know exactly what the problem is (since, as you might know, Portugal is also in economical turmoil) people want things NOW. They don't care if certain actions take their time, they must work IN THIS MOMENT! And even worse, people can't make some sacrifices. Be damned the possibility of the economy sink in a black hole, they won't give away an extra 2% in taxes and they'll RAEG if their 10 000+ dollar salary gets axed by 10~20% and people receiving no more than 500 dollars aren't axed! So there's another thing that is wrong with politics today: people aren't educated on their rights AND duties.
I know about the human condition of immediate reward. I'm studying Psychology, remember? It's that condition that allows people like me to put people like Palin in a box with 2 levers, some number of lights, and train them into pushing the lever.

I'll give an example of my home state, Michigan. A couple years ago we had one of the worst state deficits in the nation (and the worst unemployment rate). It was to the point that our former lolgovernor (I hated that bitch because it's her fault we were in that mess) actually shut the state down until the legislature could agree on a new budget. I had a great idea that would've helped the state deficit. Increase sales tax by 1% (it's currently 6% for taxable goods). It's a penny for every dollar, but with 14+ million people spending money, that tax would help the state pull itself out of debt.
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