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Re: Arizona Rep. Giffords shot, 6 killed in rampage

Originally Posted by Numinous View Post
By what I saw, I think another reason why this was such a polemic phenomena: some Americans don't like the Government changing the nature of some aspects because of the fear of a communist overtake (I think I heard the expression "reds" being thrown around a few times in the news I had access to). Which really shows some people ignorance of what exactly is communism and where the government has all rights to intervene.
Yeah, it's the fear of communism (actually Socialism or Fascism) that has these people up in arms. Honestly, if it's done right Communism is one of the best ways to govern a nation. Unfortunately, Communist states turn into dictatorships because of a thirst for power and control. Also, the people aren't all equal in the nation due to different levels of education and locations relative to the central governmental hub. The communism most people think of are bastardized ideologies created and popularized by Stalin, Mao Zedong, and Kim Jong Il.

The medicare thing is hilarious, though, since Medicare is a government organization for senior citizens who can't really work anymore and can still have some form of insurance.

And I might add, that's an incredibly easy move to take, considering that 6% is pretty low as far as tax rates go.
Altering how taxes are set up is one of the easiest ways to help a budget. A fixed percentage to individual taxes (instead of the variable one that the United States has) would make things far easier. As it is, the more you make the less the government takes, or some shit like that. I'm unemployed right now and am not subject to the fucked up tax system our nation has.

Also, and this would cause a huge outcry from the top 1%, placing a cap on CEO salary rates seems like a good idea. I mentioned this before, as well. More money can flow down the corporation to increase pay rates among the general workforce. It can be committed to resources used in manufacturing goods which would, in turn, cause prices to drop on finished goods and stimulate the economy.

I don't get how people are making more money than the President. Aside from Obama, who has a supplementary income due to royalties from some books he wrote when he was a Senator, the President makes ~$400k each year he's in office. After leaving office the President gets a "retirement package" consisting of his own Secret Service and ~$180k (I think). I don't see why people are making more money than one of the most powerful people in the world.
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