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Originally Posted by lucieloveskouie

personally, i would not date any one who wasn't hmong. just because my parents have brainwashed me into thinking that's the only people i should marry. but, i have nothing against mixed relationships. my motto:--> What ever makes you happy! i just think hmong there are so many qute hmong guys out there for me to look somewhere else. ...just look at my my eyes....THERE IS NO ONE HOTTER THAN HIM!!!~ you might not think that, but that's you.
LoL whoa your hmong too?!? Haha i'm hmong!! And my name is also Kou!! Hmm i also have a friend named Lucie... wow... coincidences I tell ya. Interacial relationships?? Don't see anything wrong with it :P

Oh yeah and history 101 to help educate you younger generation. The hmong people hail from the mountainous regions of Laos. During the Vietnam war the U.S. recruited the hmong people to help fight the communist vietnamese which is now referred to as "the secret war in laos".

Here's some background information, during the vietnam war the communist vietnamese were using the Ho Chi Minh trail to transport goods to southern vietnam and supply the viet coungs (southern communist vietnamese). The Ho Chi Minh was a trail that lead through Laos and into south vietnam from north vietnam. The U.S. could not attack this trail because it was in laos and the last thing you want is to go to war with another country, so what did they do?? They got "smart" and recruited the laotians, the hmong, and the other people in the area to do the fighting for them. This way they were not "technically" attacking laos, but had other people do it for them.

Then you know what happens next, after some years the U.S. decides to pull out from Vietnam. Wait, but what about the people who fought for them?? Oh they're left behind. After the Communist Vietnamese Government takes over, Communist Vietnam and the Pathet Lao make a general statement to "Eradicate the land of those who helped the americans, (Ethnic Cleansing)" in other words, Genocide. They pillaged the lands and killed all those of the said origins, namely one of them being the Hmong. So many of the hmong people had to flee to thailand as refugees. The U.S. in an effort to try and redeem itself, allowed some of the hmong people to come to America, yet there are still many left back in Laos and Thailand. Till this day there are still many hmong who are in refuge camps and STILL fighting the vietnamese in laos and thailand. Hmm funny though, these things aren't in our history class textbooks :P

It saddens me though, the effort and sacrifices that my relatives and family had given up to help the U.S. and yet they receive barely any recogntion of it. But i know we're not the only ones... There is not one hmong person today who has not been affected by this. Just imagine if your uncles and brothers died to protect the beliefs of SOMEONE elses country, you'd feel the same too. I can't blame you guys for not knowing/understanding though, what you haven't experienced or been taught you won't know. All i do ask though is for you to BE RESPECTFUL, you don't hear me insulting your ethnicity so plz dont insult mine.
this isn't me, it's my girlfriend now leave me alone muahaha

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