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Re: Hiya~!

Originally Posted by kael03 View Post
If that's what you want to tell yourself. It could also be because you suck at flaming and trolling. It doesn't take a lot of brain power to go "lol u gaiz r faegs!!!"

Come on dude. I'm more spontaneous with it. Better effect that way.

What fanclub? That joke of a user group you made in a failed attempt at overthrowing OH?
Didn't made the group. Gave it the name should of left it with that gay ass name Anomaly first came up with "Inner Heaven". Anomaly wanted to overthrow OH. I told him. I'll go solo. I don't know why you people keep saying I was a leader of a group. No Anomaly was the leader of the group. I WENT IN DIRECTLY TO TAKE ON ALL OF YOU. No back up. I am tired of posting. I'll SOLO these guys.

Outer Heaven people and regulars are in the fanclub.

I dunno why the hell those Outer Heaven people joined Judgment. Pretty dumb if you ask me. It was awesome until your leader fagged it up with his whores. They wanted to be awesome too it seems. Pretty damn sad. Red names can't even save them.

Btw. I defeated you fairies. Alone. How? They had to use the Ban Hammer. I thought Outer Heaven was too manly to use their "Mod Powers"

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