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Re: Hiya~!

Originally Posted by kael03 View Post

Cuz it was funny when Mibs opened it up after Anomaly quit when he was well behind.
That was pretty dumb and gay on his part. Of course it's funny because he wants to be awesome like us. You reds stay hatin'

You took personal shots at women like a pussy and Demi, like a real man would, stood up for justice and banned your ass for 10 days. You honestly think you won when you had to pull the "lol ur a gurl!!! git in teh kichin n maek me a sammich!" card? Hardly.
Personal shots at chicks? Oh wow. Don't worry. Next time. It won't be about chicks. I'm gunning for the five of you. Which are "men"

At the same time I was taking shots at all of you. The ones who stood up of course. It seems a white knight appeared and saved the day.

Come on. I made a thread. Silverblade vs Outer Heaven. It was locked instantly. If that was Myth, Megaboss, TrueUchiha, etc... That shit would of went on. GTFO pansies.

In short: You suck as a troll, and you can't flame for shit.
Lol. I <3 my haters.

EDIT: I'm going to diffuse this. I'm a flamer/troll. Lets leave it at that. You're offended by my posts. Excellent. Ignore them. Don't acknowledge them. Some people on here are tired of my flaming because it's ruining the forum quality. I didn't really do much to be honest. If I think you guys suck ass. Then you suck ass. My opinion can change. But there's nothing you can do about my "Opinion" because it's my perception.

You think I post dumb or retarded shit. Excellent. Why bother reading then? By making fun of me really doesn't do much except me flaming the shit out of you (for lulz) or ignoring your post.. Actually. I laugh when you people post that shit.

So what can you do about SB? It's best to ignore him. Save you on the headache. Got it. Good.

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