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Re: Hiya~!

Originally Posted by Miburo View Post
It's not really trolling if you go around telling people you're a troll.

And it's not really trolling if you just act like a dumbass, and people make fun of you for it.

An example of proper trolling would be making a topic about how gay naruto is, and having a bunch of homophobic narutards respond with angry homophobic replies. Or by finding hilarious masturbation techniques that were used by a forum member here on some other corner of the interwebs, and posting them here and having him rage quit the forum for a day or two. Or by having an admin go ape shit insane and get himself destaffed simply because you and one of your fine allies told him that he was a furry or some shit.

Being stupid and getting made fun of for it? Not so much.
Yeah I gotta admit....that Naruto is a homo thread did gain like 100+ pages from that shit. But the stuff I bolded....what the hell is with that?
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