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Re: Hiya~!

Honestly, SB - answer the question. What is your game here?

From the explanations that have been put forth, it seems like you are upset with OH members, Miburo in particularly, coming into the manga section and ruining people's shits so, for the lulz you have to decided to toss it back. Is this true? If so, could you provide some examples of exactly how behaviour of ANYONE on this forum even comes close to the shit your pulling. Because even when OH is taking the piss out of someone, it, on some level, contains a modicum of intelligence or humour and allows people to take the out of self-depreciating humour. I've been there. The only difference is some don't and start some sort of pathetic argument over the snide remark rather than carrying on or just laughing an not letting it get to them.

What it is not is a series of stupid pictures and constant unrelated hyper-aggressive and sexual statements that are idiotic. Which is what you are doing. You continue to waste time and humanity with these attempts. I'm certain there is something constructive you could put your time to.

So tell me, what are you on about? Because if you are lampooning OH, I urge you to stop until you can actually make it funny or accurate.
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