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Re: What book are you currently reading?

Originally Posted by Nerox View Post
I liked Winter's Heart, and Crown of Swords better. Matter of personal opinion I suppose. And now onwards to Gathering Storm and Towers of Midnight. I think Sanderson does an incredible job.
Don't let candy read this part. They'll think you have no taste or whatever.

And kael, how did you like ToM?
I thought it was really good. A few things bugged me, one I already addressed.

I did like Graendal betraying Aran'gar like she did. Makes the power struggle among the Forsaken more realistic instead of just "I'm going to plot away at becoming Nae'blis but not do a damn thing". I did not, however, like that she could use the True Power when it was established earlier that Moridin was the only one allowed to do that. There was no explanation as to why the Dark One granted her access to that. I also figured she was the one behind Asmodean's death, but I'd like to know how she did it instead of having a vague hint from Shaidar Haran.

Padan Fain is now able to summon Mashadar? Wtf? I thought that was a centralized evil of Shadar Logoth that was destroyed during the cleansing of saidin? Also he goes from being able to kill with a touch to corrupting dead trollocs...what? A little more explanation of this would be nice instead of his 3 pages he got in the book.

The Asha'man that Taim knocked out is apparently irrelevant now. It's been more than a night since he did that and nothing was said if he lived through the night or not. He was about to tell the Red sisters something and I'd like to know what it was.

It feels like Sanderson is trying to rush to the Last Battle and is leaving out a few things Jordan alluded to in earlier books. First is Min's viewing of Aviendha carrying Rand's fraternal quadruplets. He's at the border of the Blight and she's in the Waste. I know they can make gateways but with what she saw during her second trip through the pillars combined with her not knowing the grounds near that valley, I don't know how fast she'll get away from the Wise Ones to go get pregnant.

Logain is apparently MIA now with no explanations.

Rand needs to deal with the Black Tower before he goes to break the seals. He needs everyone he can get and he's leaving his own men out of the fight? I'm hoping that Sanderson has him Travel to the Black Tower and kill Taim while freeing the corrupted Asha'men, if possible, in Memory of Light.

Slayer was never resolved. I don't like how he was depicted as just a tool for the Forsaken, especially when he's been hunting others on top of hunting Perrin. It's too easy an explanation for his actions and I like him being an unknown factor.

Manetheren. It needs to happen. I don't like this "Province of Andor" crap resolution that they agreed to. The old blood is surfacing and the people of the Two Rivers hold Perrin as their lord. The flag was found and raised. Manetheren is going to rise as it's own kingdom. I would figure it would rise as an ally to Andor, also. Especially with the marriage arrangements for Perrin and Elayne's children set up in the bargain.

Now for things I like. I like how powerful of a healer Nynaeve is becoming. She never ceases to amaze me. Now she can heal taint induced madness on everyone except Rand. From what I gathered the "light" she saw in his mind when she Delved him was feeding the madness and it was too far spread for her to Heal.

The final confrontation with the gholam was epic. I liked how Mat ended it and his speech at the end.

Perrin's new hammer being forged by instinct both by him and by Neald's power wrought weaves.

Mesaana's downfall was cool. She was claiming dominance over the world of dreams due to her experience and Egwene left her a child with her own natural Dreamer talent.
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