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Re: /naruto 525 spoiler\

Kabuto's ill will won't stop...!!
While looking at his board, Anko is still laying by his side.
Kabuto: ...Their movements stopped... the chakra-less and shapeless vessel of the fearsome Nidaime Tsuchikage was sensed it seems... it's almost time to raise the battleground... this will be the real thing... after the Kuchiyose, I'l let them fight freely...

Mu's feels something, Kuchiyose!!

History's Heros return home from darkness...!!
525 Kage (Shadow), Revival!!

3rd Raikage: ? What's this...this place?
2nd Mizukage: These, these are former enemies and comrades don't even know you.
4th Kazekage: ...
Muu: This is the 2nd Hokage's foul jutsu... zombies binded from the underworld... we've been forcefully summoned.
2nd Mizukage: Zombies!? What's the meaning of this!?
Muu: Have you forgotten? The one that killed you was me. You've been dead for a while, Nidaime Mizukage.
2nd Mizukage: Ah... it was then huh... wait!! At the time you too died as well right!! No, I killed you alri--
Muu: Alright... it was hardly anything like that... Anyway I'm speeding up this conversation. So where's the 2nd Hokage? I don't sense him for several kilos ahead... I do sense a similar chakra to this new face (4th Kazekage) though, and it's with a large army.
3rd Raikage: You, you must be...
4th Kazekage: I'm the 4th Kazekage... I've heard great stories of you all from generations past. The age in which I come from, the 2nd Hokage had already long past... but there was one other who could use this jutsu, Edo Tensei... it was Orochimaru.

Gaara, whose eye is floating: 4 people... and of them is... Father...
Gaara sends a signal by raising his left arm.
Shikamaru: It's the signal... the enemy must be close.
Temari: We haven't received word from headquarters though... what's the meaning of this?

Shikamaru: It seems there's someone even headquarters cannot sense. Well, it only makes sense the enemy would revive only the strongest.
Chouji: Wh..What should we do. I, I'm scared.

Sensor A: We've recieved word from Division 4! They have found 4 enemies! The enemies are the 2nd Mizukage, 2nd Tsuchikage, 4th Kazekage, and...
Tsuchikage: ..hmph, as suddenly as you got intel on 3, I was able to get intel on 1. This is a foul act indeed.
Raikage: So there's 1 more!?
Sensor A:'s the previous Raikage...sama.
Raikage: !!Whaaat!
Ao: (So there were those the headquarter's Sensing System's jutsu couldn't pick up...these guys really are something.)
Sensor B: Ao-sama! Those white monster things are too great in number, and to sense a special being like this is difficult for me. We'll need to contact Darui and Division 1 and let them know that there's about 1000 enemies. Also, please help sense and discriminate between the white guys and the Edo Tensei members.
Ao: Understood! Expand the area we're sensing.
Raikage: To summon that old geezer back...!! Eyy! Akatsuki punks!!
Ao: This is bad!! Darui and Division 1's opponents are a group of Edo Tensei members, and there's too many!! Furthermore...these are all famous shinobi!!

There are swarms of white Zetsu's where Darui is.
Darui: It's coming... the signal for combat preparations.
Ninja A: Yessir!!
Tenten: What? There's so many already...
Hiashi: It's not just the numbers... it's as we heard from HQ, with Byakugan I can confirm there are others.
Within the swarm of white Zetsus is Kakuzu
Byakugan Ninja A: Hiashi-sama! Towards 2 o'clock...!
Hiashi: ! Th..This is...
Asuma, Dan, Hizashi come forth and are seen from the swarm of white Zetsus.
Ninja A: No way...impossible...
Ninja B: Why? What's up with them!?
Ninja A: Th..those people are...Kinkaku-sama and Ginkaku-sama!

Ao: And on top of that, why these two!? They have the trace of the Kyubi's chakra! A terrible chakra!
Raikage: Eyy! There's no mistake, it's the cloud's KinGin brothers!! There's no helping it, only I can take care of this!
Shikaku: Please wait! Raikage-sama, you are the Allied Force's supreme commander! We need you here to give direction until the final stages. It's the responsibility of your subordinates to face this.
Tsunade: (Even there huh...)
Raikage: Urg..
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