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Re: The New Balance of Power in One Piece

I see the power balance to be the same.

The balance of power is b/n the world govt and pirates. ie Marines/Shichibukai vs. Yonkous. Other things dont matter.

The Marines:
The marines have lost Garp and Sen, but they be replaced. I say Sakazuki takes the Fleet Admirals Post, whilst he is replaced by Momouza(the VA with the 7ways). Smoker is out cos he wants freedom to persue the SH, not that he could do anything against them now.

PX are also a great power-up 4 them and with the inclusion of Sentomaru, who is now a ranked officer of the marines and Garp+Sengoku as trainers, I don't see a fall in the marines power but a significant rise in their overall power.

I believe Buggy to be one of them and maybe one of the Rookies. The rest remain the same. Moriah can easily be replaced. Their power remains to same with the filling of the vacant seats

BigMam, Shanks, Kaido and BB. I believe the WB pirates have separated now and pose no major problem 4 the marines to be considered a 'world power'. The yonkous are battling it out in the NW and the remnants of WB pirates also looking for a spot.

To others:
Dragon is not a pirate. He is a revolutionist. So he doesn't come in here IMO. He continues what he is doing ie toppling Kingdoms untill a major incident occurs which will involve the SH.

The SH
They remain regular pirates like the others going on their adventure looking for no 'title' or whatsoever. Their actions(maybe finding out the true history or one piece, defeating a yonkou later on, or warring with marines-possible cos they got alot of allies now) will results in major power shift. This change in power will bring in Dragon and his cronnies.

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