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Re: Dragon Age 2 (Demo release on the 23rd Feb)

Originally Posted by Servo View Post
Anything Norse mythology is win. Had I a pet snake, I would surely name him J├Ârmungand.
Anything with Norse Mythology, you say? I may just have a story for you, if you are so inclined to read, fellow OHer.

Anyway, I only played DnD once in high school. Couple of guys ran a little club and one or two of them were OK guys. One who ran a session invited me to play, so I made a thief with telekinetic powers... because honestly, if you had telekinesis, you wouldn't go around saving the world like an X-man, you go and steal shit.

Anyway, one guy who had a huge barbarian with two handed sword (which was a hugely ironic choice when given the kid) kept ragging on me that I chose a useless character and thieves were shit and useless. In return, when we were attacked by a band of orc, I successfully stole his sword (because I can roll dice like nobody's business). His character died.

I wasn't invited back.
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