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Re: Naruto 527 Predictions/Spoiler Discussion

Kage's Panel:

Third Raikage: Hey what the hell are we still doing here?
Muu: We do not know, we cannot move our bodies!
Second Mizukage: If I can break this seal, I'll kill you all!
Fourth Kazekage: You're all talk. That Bandaged Kage killed you. If I was given the chance to live with your generation then I would've done it, moron.
Muu: Enough! Enough! We still have things to deal with.
Third Raikage (in mind): A! B! A, Are you still in control of the village? B, are you still the Jinchuuriki of the Hachibi?

The Kages move to the battlefield!

Darui vs KinGin panel
Darui: Kinkaku and Ginkaku-sama! We have no other choice!
Kinkaku: Indeed, not even the Second Hokage had one!
Ginkaku: Time to strike!
Kinkaku and Ginkaku: Double Clothesline!
Darui: Shit! This is the end! Not!
Darui attacks with black lightning.
Kinkaku & Ginkaku: Fuck!
Ginkaku: We underestimated the Third Raikage's lightning power.
Kinkaku: But the show must go on!
The brothers are cloaked with chakras!

Hyuuga Twins panel:
Hizashi: My body is moving against my will, brother.
Hiashi: I cannot do anything about that.
Hizashi: Just a favor I am asking, save me!
Hiashi: We have to fight.
Kabuto: Hmm. It would be nice to bring back the hatred between these twins.
Hizashi loses his state of mind.
Hizashi: BRING IT ON
Hizashi uses the gentle fist style but Hiashi avoids it.

Naruto panel
Naruto: Hey! Yamato-sensei, where the hell are you? I want to go back to the village
Aoba: I told you, he's out on a mission!
Naruto:You didn't tell me that!
Aoba: Err, stupid kid.
Motoi: Hey, calm down, Aoba, we've got to tell him the truth.
Motoi: Naruto, the war has started, and Yamato got captured by Akatsuki.
Naruto: *grins in anger* Fucking Akatsuki! I will take him bhack.
Motoi: No, you've got to stay here. I do not underestimate your power but you will be captured!
Naruto: I don't care! Bring me to Kakashi-sensei!
Aoba: No, stay here, please, Naruto. If you get captured, we'll all die!

Gaara panel

Gaara: Dad.
Fourth Kazekage: Hmm. Gaara, you've grown up. The Sand Village couldn't deal with you, so, the purpose of my return, is to put you to death.
Gaara: You never changed dad, but I've forgiven you. I understood why you plotted countless assassination attempts against me. The death of mother, it was all your actions. I do not expect you to not fight me, but I need explanations!
Fourth Kazekage: Gaara! You!
Tears come down from the Fourth Kazekage's eyes.
Fourth Kazekage: I just wanted the Sand Village to be the most powerful Village in this world.
Gaara: For that cheap reason? I could've understood but why sacrifice mom
Gaara cries
Fourth Kazekage: I'm so sorry my son. Sorry enough will be never enough.
Gaara: I have forgiven you dad.
Kabuto: Shit! Too late
The Fourth Kazekage turns into ash.

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