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Re: Naruto 527 Predictions/Spoiler Discussion

My prediction isn't necessarily 527 but it could be or any of the next few chapters.

Chapter 5xx: Itachi and Nagato

Scene change to Suigetsu and Jugo.

Suigetsu: Alright, let's get out of here.

Jugo: Fine, but where to?

Suigetsu: ! Someone's coming.

Edo -Itachi comes round the corner, he has an unconscious Karin over his shoulders.

Jugo: Its Karin!

Suigetsu: (He looks like Sasuke! He must be-) Uchiha Itachi, I thought Sasuke killed you.

Itachi: He did.

Jugo: What did you do to Karin?

Itachi: You know her? You must be Sasuke's friends. I was ordered to kill you if I found you.

Suigetsu: Whatever, but I wouldn't mind fighting you, just to see how you compare to Sasuke.

Jugo: Don't you care about her?

Suigetsu: Not really, she hit me. You can try to save her, I'm fighting Itachi.

They both charge Itachi, but he dissolves into crows.

Itachi: Sorry, but you bicker too much. But I''m not going to kill you. I suggest you look for Sasuke. He needs you more than you know.

Itachi and Karin dissappear.

Scene to Kabuto

Kabuto: Damn that Itachi, I was right, I am starting to lose control. I'll just send someone else over to those guys.

Scene back to Itachi.

He is outside the Jail. Karin is on the ground and is coming to.

Karin: Damn, that Genjutsu was like Sasuke's.

Itachi: I need your help.

Karin: ! You! Aren't you, (he smells like Sasuke) …

Itachi: I am Uchiha Itachi, Sasuke's elder brother.

Karin (angrily, fists clenched): You, you're the one who's the cause of everything. If it wasn't for you Sasuke wouldn't be... we would be together, why should I help you!?

Itachi: What makes you think you have a choice? Ultimately I will bring you to Kabuto, but right now he is distracted and I have regained some free will, I wish to take advantage of that. If its any consolation, what I aim to accomplish may save Sasuke.

Karin: Kabuto? What does that disgusting creep have to do with this?

Itachi: He revived me with a forbidden Jutsu and is partially controlling me.

Karin (in thought): Revivals? That would explain all the weird and powerful chakras I've been sensing.

Itachi: I need you to help me find someone. He is guarded so we must move undetected.

Scene change to the Joint Shinobi High Command.

Sensor-nin: Damn! More enemies are approaching the Jinchuriki, they all have huge chakras!

Raikage: What!? How many and how did you miss them?

Sensor-nin: They were up high in the sky, about six of them.

Konoha-nin: Could it be Pain?

Ao: No, it must the other Jinchuriki, this sounds like Han's, the five-tail Jinchuriki's technique. He was a user of Steam Release, similar to the Mizukage's Boil Release.

Scene change to Jinchuriki

They travel on clouds over the ocean.

Roshi: Hey Han, this is a useful technique, unfortunately it reminds me of my father. He also uses a flying technique.

Han: So you like my Goku technique. Isn't that father the third Tsuchikage? I think it was one of his who blew me up.

Yugito Nii: At least you weren't sacrificed like a lamb.

Utakata: I was attacked by some guy who used poison, fortunately my Biju allows me an immunity. Then he showed up. Some creepy snake guy. He seemed particularly annoyed at my Biju's form.

Roshi: What is the six-tail also a snake?

Utakata: No a slug. Anyways he did some seal and I couldn't use my chakra or the Biju's.

Han: So does anyone know anything about the Hachibi and Kyuubi?

Yagura: I heard he and his brother the Raikage defeated my Hoshigaki Kisame, if that's true then he must be strong.

Yugito Nii: The Hachibi's name is Killer B, from my Cloud village. He is a powerful ninja, and a perfect Jinchuriki, he will be difficult to defeat. As for the Kyuubi, I don't know.

Han: I never knew there was a Kyuubi Jinchuriki, Its stunning to hear someone managed to subdue the Kyuubi and seal it within someone.

Fu: He is a formidable Shinobi.

Roshi: She speaks!

Han: How would you know, aren't you the youngest of us?

Fu: I spoke to Kakuzu-sensei. I recognized him as a missing-nin of my village and a strong one. He said the current Kyuubi Jinchuriki Uzumaki Naruto defeated him.

Yugito Nii: Kakuzu, he was one of the Akatsuki who killed me, the old guy with the temper.

Yagura: Uzumaki Naruto? Didn't Nagato mention him?

Han: Nagato, another one of that Uchiha Madara's pawns, he was with us until recently.

Utakata: The one with the Rinnegan!? Maybe we shouldn't have let him go.

Roshi: So a perfect Jinchuriki and the man who defeated the Rinnegan.

Scene change to Kabuto.

Kabuto: Seems soon the beasts will meet... except yet another has regained his will, I may have to change my strategy depending on where he goes.

Scene change to Naruto and Killer B

Naruto is on his ass.

Naruto: Darn! Its still not working right!

Killer B: Don't get so hot, it may seem like you're not moving, by I assure you you're greatly improving.

Naruto: I wish Yamato-sensei was here to say something like, its at 50% or something like that.

Killer B: Well, lets not waste time, let me get my pen and now do it again.

Naruto: Alright. (goes Rikudo) ! There are six huge chakras heading towards us, and I feel two more on the Island, one is strange it has no emotions and the other is very scared. They are close. We should go find them, maybe they are running from the huge chakras? Maybe its Yamato!

Aoba: What is he talking about?

Motoi: Its his new ability. I don't know who it is but it sounds like one of those Edo Tensei guys.

Aoba: Naruto, we'll investigate. You wait here.

Naruto: Why don't I get to investigate?

Scene change to a cave.

We see some bandages on the ground and a knocked out Zetsu.

We see Sasuke's back.

Sasuke: Sorry Madara, I have my own destiny to follow.

A voice: Wait.. Uchiha Sasuke..

Sasuke: !

Scene change to Naruto and Killer B.

Naruto: Why won't they let me out something is getting fishy.

Killer B (in thought): Uh-oh, what if he figures it out? (talking). Don't worry Bro, as soon as your done training we'll let you- !

Naruto and Killer B turn as Edo-Itachi walks in with Karin behind.

Itachi: So, this is the Hachibi, and Naruto of course.

Naruto: You!

Scene change to Sasuke. His eyes are regular Sharingan.

Sasuke: Who are you? And what are those eyes?

Figure moves into light, it is Nagato.

Nagato: My name is Nagato, and I possess the Rinnegan, it allowed me to control the one you knew as Pain.

Sasuke: Have you come to subdue me with its power!? It will cower before my new Sharingan.

Nagato: I do not come to fight, I come to speak to you about Uzimaki Naruto.

What is this? Itachi and Pain have cornered Naruto and Sasuke? What is their purpose?
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