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Re: Poor sand people >':

Oh I agree. Idealism may have conjured the world, but pragmatism built it.

My issue is lack of options. Joining one side or the other comes with the expectation to vote based on your parties national committees decision on any given matter. There is little leeway for any autonomy or original thought. Media and official news outlets give minute recognition only(if that) to say an ancillary group like the Green Party. That system is built to fail anything other then the preconceived norms.

Take a hypothetical democratic senator. Who is pro choice, and believes in gay rights ect. But also happens to think that fiscal conservatism is necessary to safe guard the economy and shrink the nations debt. Now some random proposal from the democratic line comes along. The senator truly at the bottom of his/her heart feels is a mistake, and would threaten the countries financial stability. If this increasingly hypothetical senator votes against his own party he/she could be penalized up to and including being barred from running as a democrat during the next term.

Two party system > totalitarian Islamic state, yes without a doubt. But a two party system still unfortunately leaves many voices unheard.

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