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Re: Remember remember the 25th of January

Originally Posted by Miburo View Post
I was listening to music on my windows media thinger and mother fucking rap wa kan no tamashii da! short start edit gurren lagann soundtrack song started playing right as I was reading through this. I got pretty hard.

What were you doing during all of this? Defending homes and/or protesting, I assume? That's pretty awesome, man. Also, how do you see this all ending?
Protesting in the morning and protecting at night,but right now things have cooled down and a few police forces are wandering around along with the army so we stopped protecting.

As for how things will end in my opinion,It's a battle between us and the government..they are trying to please the public as much as they can to get them on there side and make the protesters the minority so there voices could be ignored,but they failed at that and any minute now the president is gonna say his 3rd statement,we're all crossing fingers that he will resign in this speech or atleas will forward all his authorities to the vice president which will make him like the queen of England (with all due respect to the queen and England) till his time comes. Otherwise we're gonna go apeshit tommorow.

Originally Posted by AkamaruChewtoy View Post
Any new information on people held/killed by police in this? We're getting word that Mubarak is probably about to step down and the military has seized control. I wonder if people will be released.

I'm also looking but haven't found, but a few viral videos have been leaking out of protesters being taken or shot by police. True signs of what a bloody mess the Egyptians are going through. I wish you luck, safety and hope that your country will emerge stronger for this.
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