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Re: Remember remember the 25th of January

Lemme just go all dictator style on you punks: DO WHAT I SAY! All your base, are belong to us.

OK, enough of that.

So yeah, for those who are wondering about Mubarak, he's fled to a Red Sea report according to what I'm reading, which could be false for all I know. I assume he'll kick back, appear every now and then, and collect his favours and monies from the Egyptian coffers before fleeing to some haven elsewhere - and I wouldn't be surprised if there's a little USA help in his flight. He's buying time so he isn't completely ruined.

That said, for all that he is, I believe Nero when he says they don't want him killed. They want him tried and held responsible. Perhaps put in the stocks and paraded about a bit, but just shooting him isn't justice and I fear the power vacuum that would follow such an event.

My read on the military is that they have allowed Mubarak to stay for the time being. They are putting out a pro-protest image but have too much invested in the current government - they do get a large chunk of the foreign money given to the Mubarak regime. They support one of his lackey's being in power because it keeps them in money. I worry that if things continue to disintegrate, they may show less restraint and try to put down the protest. That would suck.

I think the powers that be around the world are hoping the protest just loses steam so they can set up properly rigged elections in September. Most foreign nations are a bit flummoxed by Mubarak's statement yesterday, as many were prepared for him to have stepped down. They really don't know what to do. (Except Iran, who wants to claim it is an Islamic uprising in hopes that the Muslim Brotherhood would take over... which is funny because right after, the Muslim Brotherhood denounced that idea, probably to make sure people don't turn on them in Egypt for thunder stealing.) It'd be nice to think someone could put more pressure on Mubarak, but I don't think that'll work. I think he's made his decision to get as much out of Egypt before he has to go and no one will tell him differently.

These are indeed interesting times.
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