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Re: The New Balance of Power in One Piece

Originally Posted by Spiegel View Post
I don't even think that Garp knows where Dragon is currently located. It would be more probable of Dragon to go look for Garp, of course sending his subordinates to locate Garp and set up a meeting spot. At the current moment we don't know the current standings/rankings of the Marines and what the All Stars of the World Government are up too in regards to Blackbeard, the Shichibukai and these new powers standings.

My guess is that the old men are probably putting up a strategy with the new Shichibukai group and for the capture of Teach. Another hypothesis is that they might be plotting something to get the remaining WB crew members to face off with Blackbeard. A more plausible guess is that the Marines are establishing a way to pin down the Supernovas before they get too strong.
Only stumbled on this post, I know its a late response but another factor you might want to put it at the end is, the Marines will be trying to take the Straw Hats out, I mean they have been caught be surprise at there new found strength and abilities and we all know the higher ups for the Marines dont want stuff leaked out, I think they will try to keep the SH reappearance silenced until something too big is done ie this Arc possiblly Luffy destroying Fishman Island but we just need to wait and see.
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