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Questions on the Devil Fruits

Now I was rewatching the CP9 or Enies Lobby Arc there and after a certain scene a question dawned on me. Now before I post my question I wish to apologize in advance if its already been answered in some way.

Now the scene I am talking about is when Kaku and Kalifa are eating there Devil Fruits, now from the ones that we have seen being eaten, Luffy's and Buggy's they swallowed them in one gulp, now with them they cut them up and ate them bit by bit.

Now for the question, do you think if some was to eat one half of a devil fruit and someone ate the other half what would the outcome be ?

Now I asked my mate about this and he is just about into One Piece as I am and he said, If it were a Logia type fruit, ( he used Ace for an example) they would both have the same abilities but wouldnt be as strong as they would if they had ate the full thing. Now if some of you dont think its a good answer thats fine but would really like some feedback.
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