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Re: Uprisings in Bahrain....The next egypt?

Originally Posted by Nerox View Post
That is false. There is no escalation of violence in Bahrain, unlike in Lybia.
Well, maybe so. But I think that the reaction from the Bahrain government is more than in Libya.

The German media report that Gaddafi just had fighters attack a group of protesters. Eyewitnesses report that it was a massacre in the streets. And like I predicted, the Western states condemend the actions and warn Gaddafi to not let the violence escalate.
If the rebellion against Gaddafi in Libya grows, which I am sure it will- I don't think that Gaddafi would release the prisoners to go fight off the protesters like Hosni did. I think that Hosni's case should be an example to why it would fail hardly. I see Gaddafi packing his family and getting out of the country in the end.

And the religious leaders as well as the most powerful arab tribes, which control the oil delivery, are rising up against Gaddafi as well. If the violence against the protesters does not stop, there will be a civil war, which will even top the riots in Egypt. Only a matter of time until most of the people will be armed...
And a civil war would just cause Libya more destruction after it's over. I am sure that the European or Western countries would try to control the markets and probably invade Libya in case of a civil war breaking out.

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