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Re: Uprisings in Bahrain....The next egypt?

Originally Posted by Nerox View Post
Yeah right, fighters bombarding streets and protesters, tanks and soldiers shooting at them, is far better than prisoners fighting the protesters.
You should check out the situation over at Bahrain. People are actually getting killed over there!

Libya is a goddamn militaristic dictatorship, Gaddafi has more military at his disposal than prisoners. And soldier, heavy armed and equipped, are far "better" fighters than prisoners. And if the public is strong enough to continue fighting, eventually Gaddafi will be killed or flee the country, like I said before.
The military might actually try to take up another stance. Just like Hosni, Gaddafi has been ruling the country for like 40+ years. So, even his military probably got tired of this regime. So they might turn against him. In which case, he would have to act like Hosni did and release the prisoners.

That is right, and I implied that in my opinion. And for you information, no European states would invade Libya to quell a civil war. And neither would the USA. If Gaddafi is defeated, I believe the military will seize the power and hopefully promise elections like in Egypt. The people of Libya have to deal with their problems by themselves, and foreign military is not really helping.
State some reasons why the Western countries wouldn't invade Libya. And that's probably what's going yo happen if Gaddafi is defeated.

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