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Re: Uprisings in Bahrain....The next egypt?

Originally Posted by Anomaly View Post
You should check out the situation over at Bahrain. People are actually getting killed over there!
You don't read what I post do you? Gaddafi has jetfighter, you know, MiGs or whatever type they use, bombard protesters. With bombs, explosions and all that stuff. On the streets. Against protesters. I'd that is a bit more extreme.

Originally Posted by Anomaly View Post
The military might actually try to take up another stance. Just like Hosni, Gaddafi has been ruling the country for like 40+ years. So, even his military probably got tired of this regime. So they might turn against him. In which case, he would have to act like Hosni did and release the prisoners.
Like I said before, some soldiers have already risen up against Gaddafi. Is it so hard to read what I write? But the fact stands, that Gaddafi still has control over most of the military, and lets the soldiers shoot protesters with tanks and aircrafts.

Originally Posted by Anomaly View Post
State some reasons why the Western countries wouldn't invade Libya. And that's probably what's going yo happen if Gaddafi is defeated.
See my post above dude. There is no legitimate reason to invade Libya. Noone has done it before, when Gaddafi's regime was rooted, and it will not happen now. Also, if Libya is "freed" by, say the US, that would not instill a believe in democracy in the people of Libya. Some groups might start to fight the foreign troops as well, and then we have a situation like now in Iraq. And I don't think that it is worth achieving.
Further, Libya is in the UN, so I think the other nations are not allowed to simply "invade" the country. Perhaps some UN blue helmet troops could be sent to help establish a new regime, but normally, blue helmet troops don't fight against the rulers of the land. And that is still Gaddafi.
There are more reasons, but these are the obvious ones.
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