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Wink Re: Bleach Chapter Prediction

the story goes away from the boring ichigo momentarily and zooms in on aizen's face.

under the bindings he is clearly smileing...

aizen: its almost.....

you see a light smoke comming off from his wrappings as he is grinding his chains and wrapping on the side of the lethal soul absorbing stone walls and a small light flickers out...

aizen then breaks free turning everything that bound him into dust and jumping feircly through all of the celings where he was inprisoned under the lowest depths of the tower of penance.

you see the rubble flying every tower falls and aizen shumpos through the gate to get out of seireti.

it goes back to ichigo who has just absorbed 3 of the fullbringers powers but not quite all of them.

the bamboo and paper door from seireti slowly opens behind ichigo.

as ichigo turns to see who it is

a fist punches through ichigo's chest


but unknown to aizen after becoming one with the Hogyoku and his sword stabbing a human in the part of the body where the "soul sleep" is would allow transfer if shinigami powers.

now zooms in on aizen with his eyes growing HUGE as ichigo spits blood in his face

ichigo absorbs all of aizen's powers leaving aizen wearing a "white" kimino....

aizen now fallen to his knees from the pressure of ichigo's newly acquired reitsu

last page titled

"welcome to the new xcution"

ichigo in the final form of getsuga with the mysterious horned mask rises in the air holding his hands up high twards the moon and roaring like a beast as if to cut the very heavens


*how it should be*
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