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Re: Wheel of Time chat thread


This thread will contain spoilers from all thirteen books of the Wheel of Time series, as we nerds discuss it in the long await for Book Fourteen: A Memory of Light. We will not be using spoiler tags, so if you care about not knowing what happens while reading these books - do not continue reading.

OK, Kael and Nerox - I'm caught up. Going to go read some of your stuff from the What are you reading thread and we can carry on afterwards.

My first point is about Sanderson - I really am not a huge fan of his style. I know he has done his best with Jordon's work, and it really isn't terrible, but it definitely isn't Jordon. Sanderson jumps around way too much. Jordon's best trait, in my mind, was his ability to stick to one portion of the story, give it and then move on to the next. 2, 3 or 4 chapters at a time. I know it led to the "But where is PERRIN!" moments, but overall, the story held together a whole lot more than Sanderson's style of giving everyone a voice, often having multiple voices in one chapter - something Jordon only did at the beginning and end of his novels. It's probably necessary to finish the books, as Jordon probably would have written six, but there it is.

Also, what the fuck was Sanderson doing with the Perrin story? I completely hated how he screwed up the timeline to have Perrin's story always a few days/weeks behind the previous novel! Bloody irritating to watch Tam Al'Thor jump around and be in two places at once. Bad choice.
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