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Re: Fat Moderators... OH MY!!!

Originally Posted by zer0systm View Post
@Shakezula; You're an idiot. you're probably sitting at home behind your keyboard giggling to yourself over how much fun you're having here. Here is the thing, you're not funny, neither to me or any of the light blues, you've the right to be compared to a shit stain smeared on the side of the bowl. Were it up to me I would have banned you the moment you posted something even the slightest a bit retarded. Cause quite honestly, I'm sick of you faggots.

You come in here, act like you're Jack the Lad try and rally up some kind of "resistance" against OH, I haven't been around for a while, but It wouldn't surprise me if you're a dupe of Silverblade, in which case, you really do lead a depressing lifestyle if you have to come back to the same forum over and over and create such a ruckus. Is there nothing for you to acheive in reality? You're fuck all. Now someone do me the favour and IP ban this fag.

Fuck, give me Mod powers and I'll do it myself.
Nice way to vent on the new guy.
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