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Re: Just a Thought THREAD

here is a thought. i didn't make a whole thread for this:

Sasuke if he listened to Kakashi and let go of Vengeance. How do you think things would differ if he was still with Squad 7?

1.When they were looking for Akataski to save Gaara. It probably would have been Sasuke and Grand ma Chiyo vs. Sasori. Sharinghan and experience from Chiyo would have made that fight a lot different.
2.Itachi clone vs. Squad 7. That fight would definitely went different, Sasuke MAY have known it wasn't the TRUE Itachi.
3.However Kakashi unlocked his MS he might have helped Sasuke do the same.
4. Like J-Man and Naruto, Kakashi could have had him sign the K-9 contract.
5.Naruto STILL would be a Sage, because J-Man would have still died. so...
6. Sasuke and Kakashi vs. Paths = win.
7. Sage Naruto /Sasuke/Kakashi(would not be dead) vs. Pein
8.I don't think Kabuto would have offered his help to Tobdara. All he wants is Sasuke. He would have went to the leaf village , probably with his EDO army.
9.Also i think when Itachi saw his brother follow a different path he MIGHT have left Akataski and reported to Tsunade what was really going on. I mean the only reason he was holding that image up was to make Sasuke strong enough to face Madara.

your turn
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