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Re: Just a Thought THREAD

Originally Posted by jericho Uzimaki View Post
here is a thought. i didn't make a whole thread for this:

Sasuke if he listened to Kakashi and let go of Vengeance. How do you think things would differ if he was still with Squad 7?

1.When they were looking for Akataski to save Gaara. It probably would have been Sasuke and Grand ma Chiyo vs. Sasori. Sharinghan and experience from Chiyo would have made that fight a lot different.
2.Itachi clone vs. Squad 7. That fight would definitely went different, Sasuke MAY have known it wasn't the TRUE Itachi.
3.However Kakashi unlocked his MS he might have helped Sasuke do the same.
4. Like J-Man and Naruto, Kakashi could have had him sign the K-9 contract.
5.Naruto STILL would be a Sage, because J-Man would have still died. so...
6. Sasuke and Kakashi vs. Paths = win.
7. Sage Naruto /Sasuke/Kakashi(would not be dead) vs. Pein
8.I don't think Kabuto would have offered his help to Tobdara. All he wants is Sasuke. He would have went to the leaf village , probably with his EDO army.
9.Also i think when Itachi saw his brother follow a different path he MIGHT have left Akataski and reported to Tsunade what was really going on. I mean the only reason he was holding that image up was to make Sasuke strong enough to face Madara.

your turn
I think Sasuke would have a hawk contract, his lightning skills would be as strong or stronger since Kakashi could work with him on that, Kakashi's own lightning skills would probably become stronger because he would copy Sasukes innovations and add his own, Naruto would be stronger after the time skip since he would work harder having to watch Sasuke's daily growth, Kakashi and Sasuke would probably have a group therapy session together where they would share their tragic past and share thoughts. Actually I think Kakashi would become more like a friend to Sasuke than a teacher during the three year time skip.
Sasuke would probably be convinced to fight Itachi in a group rather than to go solo, and that would be a part of some akatsuki infiltration mission. I don't know whether Sasuke would have a girlfriend like Sakura maybe, in any case something like that would put a dent in his friendship with Naruto. I'll go with Kishimoto hinting at the possibility so the readers have to keep reading to find out who ends up with whom (this is the oldest trick ever).
Itachi would maybe try to convince Kakashi, Naruto and Sasuke he is on their side and they have to take on Madara together? (this would be pretty difficult).

Also, Oro would have to go get Sasuke himself to do the body transfer and he would probably make a move to kidnap Sasuke sooner or later so it would be Oro, Kabuto and the sound 4 vs Sasuke and whoever is able to help him. This could go couple of ways and it would be difficult to beat Oro, Kabuto and Oro's minions (Oro could also send Yuugo in his monster form).
The great off panel war has begun...also called the war of one panel because most fights started and ended in one panel.

Also Kin and Gin as substitute for kyuubi chakra (the greatest amount of chakra in Naruto world) is something Kishi pulled out of his ass. I lost major respect. It would be like near the end of LOTR there happens to be another slightly weaker ring and Sauron is like "that will do". It kind of shits on everything established up to that point. It kind of insults my intelligence.

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