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Re: IQ Test

Originally Posted by AniMeFaN View Post
i said its not something you learn in highschool, it tests your "visual spatial reasoning skills".
Then it's not an I.Q. test. There's a reason I.Q. tests are administered at young ages. It measures one's capacity for learning. It doesn't measure anything you have learned. "Visual Spatial Reasoning Skills" are in no way connected to your intelligence because they measure how well you can manipulate something on a 2 dimensional or 3 dimensional scale (i.e. VIDEO GAMES). Why is this so hard for you to grasp?

why are you here in this thread,
Because as an aspiring Psychologist I find these online "I.Q. tests" an insult to my future profession.

seriously if you have no interest then go somewhere else.
I have an interest in bashing this idiocy. You haven't figured that part about my personality by now?

dont try and shit on the test and me for no reason
Oh, I have reason. I'll shit on the test because there's no science behind any of the online "intelligence tests". None, nothing, nada. Anyone that thinks otherwise is fooling themselves and the fact that you're defending this "test" proves that you are an idiot.

Originally Posted by Tzu Men View Post
Kael got there before me.

They're just an attempt to estimate cognition, and doing them online is of course going to be unreliable.
Pretty much this.
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