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Re: IQ Test

Originally Posted by kael03 View Post
You would be mistaken. There is more to one's I.Q. than the ability to "spot the pattern". This "test" has no scientific backing (protip: no online "intelligence test" does), therefore is not a reliable, or even valid, depiction of one's intelligence..
why do you say it has no scientific backing, how do you know what they did to come up with the test. why cant an online test have scientific backing.

Originally Posted by kael03 View Post
Based on an arbitrary scoring system that has no scientific background. I could probably take the test again and score over 130 if I actually focused on it...
why do you keep saying it has no backing, im sure they put some thought and did research before making this test, is there a definitive way of testing ones iq anyway or is it all theory. i guarantee you take the test again right now you would not get over 130. take it one more time i guarantee you would not get over 130.
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