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Re: Wheel of Time chat thread

Originally Posted by AkamaruChewtoy View Post
Couple things you guys brought up:

Slayer - yeah, I think it wasn't resolved because his story isn't done yet. Perrin only managed to thwart him but I don't know if he could have defeated Slayer. Plus, there's the whole soul of Isam inside him, who was cousin or something to Lan. Which makes me think that Slayer will show up in Malkier to face Lan, and since Rand would want to give Lan help, who better than Perrin to get all the pieces tied together.

Which means Lan + Perrin + their armies + wolves + Slayer + Trolloc Armies all at Tarwin's Gap. That's how I'd go anyway... sounds awesome.
I did not think of the constellation. But it sure sounds awesome. I hope we will see some more Lan action in 14, I really mist that guy. Far too few chapters, but the rallying under Malkier banner was nicely done.

But like I said before, kind of curious that Slayer wasn't used to kill Egwene and the others with dream Ter'angreal. Would have been a piece of cake.

Originally Posted by AkamaruChewtoy View Post
I really don't understand why no one has done anything with the Black Tower. You'd think Rand would want to get his house in order before facing down Egwene. The absence, of Logain also bothers me, but I'm guessing he is to challenge for control of the tower - Min did see him prepared for glory, or something. I also suspect Demandred is involved in the tower, though I don't know who. It could be Taim, but I find that unlikely. They generally like to control major figures than be them.
Same confusion here. But well, Rand had a lot of other troubles than the Black Tower. And like I said, Logain will take over in 14 and rally the Asha'man for Tarmon Gaidon. Demandred is definitly in the Black Tower, because I am sure he uses a Dreamspike to keep the Asha'man from getting out/joining with Rand. Taim is obviously a Dreadlord.

Originally Posted by AkamaruChewtoy View Post
Likewise, the total ignorance of the Seanchan. I realize Rand is going to ask for peace between the leaders then go sue for peace from the Seanchan in exchange for his own loyalty (how did Tuon resist psycho Rand anyway?), but you would have though Rand would have dealt with them and brought them to the whole Kings/Queensmoot he's organizing. I figure they'll need them in the fight.
Seriously. I would have liked to see Rand destroy half of the Seanchan Army or some crazy stuff like that before his transformation. But I believe Mat will play a very big part in bringing peace between the them as well as Perrin, as he made a "bond" with this female General.

And how Tuon could withstand the fucking True Power...meh, I was very disappointed. He could have mindfucked her into compliancy. I call plot protection.

Originally Posted by AkamaruChewtoy View Post
What's your take on Aviendha's visions? Was it true future or just projections to enable her to want to make change as a Wise One, rather than be passive. I'm going with the latter as I had to think she'll live long enough to stop her daughter from being so stupid... assuming any of the Wise One's survive the last battle. (I'm still not ruling out the destruction of the True Source as the end of the Dark One, leaving the world magic-less. It's one of many theories.)
I think it will be the latter you mentioned too. I can't see the Seanchan getting to win in the end. What I can see is, that they will be granted the terretories they already have, as some kind of remembrance for Arthur Hawkwing. But how this will be established is still shrouded in mystery, since the Seanchan plan another attack on the White Tower...I hope for another sneaky Dreamspike mission to foil the Seanchan plans. That would be awesome.

Originally Posted by AkamaruChewtoy View Post
I really like what is happening the all the Tavaren. I gotta admit, when Rand showed up after his little seance on top of Dragonmount wearing a brown cloak with sleeves and all serene, I laughed, saying to my wife "Rand done gone and Jedi'd." Hehehe. Atta boy Rand Al'Kenobi.
Well, Rand was always my favorite character. And I fap everytime I read "The Car'a'carn has embraced Death". Fucking awesome! I liked how he raised fucking hell against an entire Trolloc army. I think I came right then.

Originally Posted by AkamaruChewtoy View Post
Perrin is growing more awesome. His mastery of the dream world is great. When he dissolved the balefire and Egwene was agog, the line "It's just a weave" was hilarious. Big hammer kicks ass.
2nd favorite Taveren. The Hammer. And the name...And the scene with Egwene was also fucking neat. Also, damn, Hopper!

Originally Posted by AkamaruChewtoy View Post
Mat got better in Towers of Midnight. I like the story, but Sanderson had him whinning about being married and not "Giving up drinking and gambling" far too much. Didn't like that aspect of the character. I would have thought he'd have learned a little self control.
I like how he and Perrin resemble Odin and Thor. So Norse mythology when he sacrificed his eye for knowledge.

Originally Posted by AkamaruChewtoy View Post
And... I can't think of anything else right now. Still feels like there is more to occur than one book can hold. But we'll see... in 14 or so months.
Hopefully not that long...But I can live with the audiobooks.

Edit: I have a new suspition about Demandred in the Black Tower. The one time Andril send some guy to spy on one Asha'man called Nessar, he said: "I talked to him (Nessar [sp?]) but it ain't him. He looks like him but it isn't. He has his memories though. I could see it in his smile". (Not 100% accurate).
So my guess is that this Nessar is Demandred. For me it is pretty obvious.

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