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Re: Who is Sakura's parents? 2011 edition

Originally Posted by batonnoir View Post
Why do I even care? Because it's nagging at me. More so every day while new information about Bijuus, Bloodlines, and family trees are being revealed with increased frequency.

Why is Sakura and Rock Lee, the only two rookies who's parents have not been disclosed? I don't have any solid answers, but I have enough thoughts running through my mind. (I'm certain many of you have had some of the same thoughts.)

1. I think that Rock Lee's parents not being revealed is primarily to keep Sakura from being the only rookie who's parents are not known. I do think there will be some significance to Lee's parents identities...just not as significant as Sakura's.

2. Red and white make in Sakura's pink hair. Yes, I am oversimplifying heredity, but just remember that I called the Uzumaki red hair connection and it is now get over it, and recognize that it is very likely that Sakura has some Uzumaki blood running in her veins. Since Sakura's mom is the only parent heard, but never is also possible that her dad might be dead or in another village. Oh...and call it a hunch, but somehow...I think she's related to Kabuto.

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