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Re: RIP Nate Dogg

Originally Posted by ask me anything View Post
So money equals success? :/
What equals success in your eyes then?

I don't really watch awards shows or anything, but I believe they have awards for things besides best singer. Shit like best music video director, best producer, best song writer, etc..... Blah,Blah,Blah. The point is, it's possible to be nominated for several categories on the same album, and so having multiple nominations doesn't prove he had several successful albums.
I didn't say anything about multiple albums. I said he was nominated for different songs. In your previous post you made him sound like a one-hit wonder.

That said, I really don't know, because like I said...I never heard of the guy. Which is kinda strange is he had multiple (successful) albums.

This still shows he was only successful as a featured artist and not on his own. It kinda reminds me of Pharrell. That guy has been featured on a fuckload of other peoples tracks over the years. The difference is that Pharrell is a good singer (IMO), and went on to make awesome stuff on his own, and a ton of people know him, that don't even listen to rap/hiphop, such as myself.
I never said that he did become successful as a solo artist. My point in my previous post was that the songs he was featured on all got substantial radio play when they came out. You were trying to make him sound like he was an unknown becuase you did not know who he was.

Bad assumption on your part. I'm old enough to remember 2Pac, Snoop, and the "generation" of rappers that he recorded with.
Maybe so. But if you really knew about them, then you would know about Nate Dogg as well given that he was on mulititude of Snoop's songs.
How did you know? Maybe because I said so?
Pretty much.


If his music were any good it would survive the test of time. For Fucks Sake, I listen to Black Sabbath, and some of their albums were made before I was born.
There are probably people nationwide playing the song "Regulator" right now. Who is Black Sabbath?? I don't know who they are since I don't listen to rock, so they must not be successful.

That's not very nice. Why would you say something like that?
I can be an asshole at times.

Oh, I see. She said people are stupid as fuck, and you got all mad about it. Funny thing is she didn't say your name. So you basically assumed she was talking about you. So in your heart of hearts, you think your a retard? Subconciousness FTW!!!!
Even though she did not say my name, she did refer to things that I said, so yes I knew she said that about me. Subconsciousness my ass.
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