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Re: RIP Nate Dogg

[QUOTE=Kinako;1939242]What equals success in your eyes then?[Quote]

Accolades from people who actually know what's good or not sounds like a good answer. Money definitely doesn't prove anything. Justin Beiber probably has more cash then this Nate Dogg guy made, but would you argue Beiber is a better artist? I hope not.

I didn't say anything about multiple albums. I said he was nominated for different songs. In your previous post you made him sound like a one-hit wonder.
After a little google searching I found the Grammy Nominations you're referring to. ALL 4 of them were in the categories of Best Colaboration, or Best Duo/Group. They were with Ludacris, Eminem, Doctor Dre+Snoop Dogg, and Warren G. I'm more inclined to believe they were the reason behind the nominations then he was.

I never said that he did become successful as a solo artist. My point in my previous post was that the songs he was featured on all got substantial radio play when they came out. You were trying to make him sound like he was an unknown because you did not know who he was.
I'd bet you could have a fucking parrot doing backup vocals of Dr. Dre and that shit would hit the billboard charts.

There are probably people nationwide playing the song "Regulator" right now.
The song is Regulate, not Regulator. I thought you were a fan, yet you didn't know that.

Who is Black Sabbath?? I don't know who they are since I don't listen to rock, so they must not be successful.
Now your just being childish to prove a point.

I can be an asshole at times.
Me too.

Even though she did not say my name, she did refer to things that I said, so yes I knew she said that about me. Subconsciousness my ass.
But you could have just outlined a convincing counterargument for why she was wrong, Right? Instead you resorted to petty name calling, which is usually reserved for those who don't have an legitimate argument or find themselves lacking in intelligence.....or trolls. But you don't seem trollish to me.

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