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Re: RIP Nate Dogg

Originally Posted by ask me anything View Post
So you think Bieber is more successful because he has more money. What a shallow creature you are. You have my pity.
I forgot. You equate success by this, and I quote you
Originally Posted by ask me anything View Post
Accolades from people who actually know what's good or not sounds like a good answer. Money definitely doesn't prove anything.
So this means a talented broke dude who can sing well is more successful than a untalented rich dude who needs Auto-Tune to carry a note. No, it simply means that talented broke dude can carry a note, but not a check at the restaurant. Real Successful. huh?
Talent =/= Success.

Except that these songs were sung by a GROUP. So of course they would be GROUP nominations, Durr Hurr Hurr. All those artist have their own INDIVIDUAL accolades for INDIVIDUAL work, something this Nate guy lacks.
He does not have any individual accolades, however i was not arguing that point.

Actually a lot of people in this thread didn't know who he was.
So? What's your point?

Think about this logically for a second. You just stated above that you equate money with success. Now to make the most money you would need the largest audience to sell your product to, in this case his records. To do so requires that they know who you fucking are. So for a lot of people to not know who this guy is, you can extrapolate that a lot of people didn't buy his product so he was not successful. This is of course going by your own logic that Money=Success, which is just lulzy.
Money does equal success given that the man's net worth was 15 million.Obviously someone knew who he was, and he was successful at something. It's not like he was holding a "Will Sing For Food Sign" on the side of a freeway

I know because I have the power of the internet at my fingers. The some is listed as Regulate on the album, which is also called regulate. If you got some pet nickname, that's your business. I'm just telling you how it is.
If you have the internet at your fingers, then listen to the beginning of the song in question. You will then know why most people call it "Regulator" instead of assuming that I am the only one who calls it that.

And thus my point is proven.
What was the point? That I knew who Metallica was?

Actually it does.
So because I know who Metallica was and not Black Sabbath, it means that Metallica was more successful? I doubt it.

It's the "Go fuck yourself" that came after that is in question.
That still does not go under the category of "name calling".

You are welcome, and Nice Try, again.
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