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Re: Dragon Age 2 (Demo release on the 23rd Feb)

Originally Posted by Servo View Post
Well, my pc doesn't even have a video card (got the tower free from my brother in law who works for the state), and it's only compatible with the old agp cards, but to get a good one I would have to upgrade the power supply and yadda yadda yadda..... so I'm just going to get a new computer at some point. Gotta get one so I can play Diablo 3 when it comes out
Damn, here I was about to bitch and moan about the fact that I just bought a new laptop to game with last week, just to have my company get me a comparable one today...

And Woot D3! Yeah, got to be prepared for it. You should look around there are some pretty good deals on PC's and laptops alike. My new machine can play Crysis 2 online with a modicum of success, and I only spent 400 dollars originally. It came with 4gb of ram, but I added another four after the fact.

Originally Posted by AniMeFaN View Post
whats the deal with diablo 3, i thought it was suppose to come out a while back, i kind of stopped following it.
Tubes dude, fuckin tubes...

Originally Posted by Bashiok (official blizzard dude)
The development process is such that there's a constant iteration on all parts, so while skills are largely complete there's still work being done that could mean some are removed or replaced, new ones added, visuals changed, mechanic changes, etc. and that will likely continue until the game releases. By the same token you could say an Act is playable from start to finish, but by no stretch would we consider it complete until we ship the game. Constant changes will occur until then to make sure it's as close to perfect as possible. The majority of the guys and gals, I'd say, are progressing on filling out the content for the game. Which is also the exact stuff we want to be kept under wraps, and thus will never be seen until the game is released and you play the game yourself for the very first time. Which makes talking about what's currently being developed kind of difficult. We have a few things left in store to share, though.
Also from a recent Q&A

Offici​al Blizzard Quote:
Q: I suppose that you do not have a world-hysteria scoop to offer the readers of Liberation concerning the official and definitive release date of Diablo 3?

A: Alas, no. Just to confirm to you that we are full at work for the game to release this year. The development is technically completed. We are in a internal-testing and feedback-gathering phase. Yes, there are good chances of releasing before the end of 2011, but it is impossible to us, at this time, to guarantee you that.
There you go, Diablo 3 is currently being internally tested, so its in the pre-F&F Alpha stage. If they are really pushing to release by the 4th quarter, one would expect the open Beta to start around june, give or take a week.

Normally people like me, who have long beta resumes that span a decade and a half, would start getting excited about now. But blizzard seems to be sticking with the 3rd party raw data, and statistical gathering apparatus they used from SC2. So don't sit around hoping for the same preferential treatment one use to get in ye olde days long since past.
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