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Re: A word from Kishi

Originally Posted by Mal View Post

I've only seen the Axis win once, when I was played Germany and the more cunning of my friends played Japan.
How did I miss that?

But awesome that you know A&A. Well we play the A&A Global 1940 version, where you combine the Pacific 1940 board with the Europe 1940 board. Aprox. 200cm x 70cm. With Italy, China, ANZAC, the British Colonial Forces in India and neutral terretories.

My stats on in that game are 2 wins and one defeat. Last game I played Japan, and we focused on Moscow with Operation Sealion successfully staged. But then my german partner bought the wrong stuff in turn 3, and so America could slowly grind the germans down in Europe.

The game before that, I played America and Great Britain, and we won fairly easy, because the Germany player had really bad dice rolls and made some mistakes.

First game I played Germany and Italy and it was a sweeping victory. Lasted only 10 hours that game, and Moscow had been taken by me.

I could write hours about that game, it is amazing. What versions do you guys play? World Revised?
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