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Re: The Longest Thread Ever v28

We don't.

in other news, my father is an ass.
I knew he was unrefined, sure, but sometimes he is just plain dumb.

it's a long story, but feel free to read
we got a call today about my sister missing class 1 and 3 today.
she's missed these classes pretty much all year, not with excuses.
also, she's in grade 12

so when she got home my dad started to get after her, saying she's not gonna graduate due to missing classes, and that she needs to do that book report she can't graduate without (also, it was due a month ago, but the teacher says she needs to hand it in or she can't possibly pass)

she explains that Burgendys boyfriend is an ass and "Burger" was sad so amy took her for coffee instead of going to class"

dad says that bull shit and that she can't be doing that.

She shakes her head and stares at her phone, texting... who ever.

He doesn't raise his voice, but you can tell he's super pissed, and he starts to rail her about the corespondence math she hasn't been doing, that she needs to finish or she wont graduate (i think it's grade 11 consumer math)

she yells about how she is doing it and that she's been asking the teacher for help

he then raises his voice and tells her that if she doesn't graduate she's out of the house.

she stomps away to her room.

at this point my dad looks at my mother, who had just come home from teaching "can-skate" (young childrens skating lessons, for kids aobut 4-8 years old) and was wearing a silly green hat and a shamrock lei to celebrate st patty's with the kids, and says angrily "You're not Irish! why are you wearing that garbage"

at this point i sat up and said, "Hey, hey wait; lets not transfer Amys bad attitude to the rest of us. If we let it keep going everyone is just gonna be unhappy and hurt"

My dad then turned on me, with that look, you know, the look of "you're such a fucking idiot" and says "we don't want your bullshit, mind your own business"

I replied calmly, "See, if we do just like that, everyone is going to be sad and it'll just keep going and affecting other people, but if we can leave Amys negative energy and attitude behind, then we don't have to pass it along"

I don't remember what he said then... something mean. I started to get ready to go back to the city, but the roads are so bad, i actually didn't think i'd be able to make it to the city

Why can't my dad see and that getting angry at my sister and then turning it on my mother, and then me is just turning one little fight into a miserable house hold?

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