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Re: Narutard chat thread

Originally Posted by AniMeFaN View Post
as i said you should just finish your degree in psych since it will only be 1 more semester and if you swithc to physics you probably wont have majority fo the classes ,it will probably take atleast a year and a half, you claim 2.
You haven't answered the big part of my question. Why would I continue to waste my time on a degree that I'll never use and have little interest in pursuing? Why finish my degree and postpone getting a degree in a subject I've had interest in for the better part of 16 years compared to the subject I've been interested in for about 8? Even if I graduate in December with a degree in Psychology, I'll still have 2 years to go to get a degree in physics. Why would I push that to 2 and a half years so I can finish a degree I really don't care for anymore? That makes no sense.

i dont know, why would you spend 12,000 towards a degree that requires 16 and then switch,
It actually happens quite frequently for one reason or another.

why are you 25. almost done with college and planning to swithc majors and be 27-28 when you first graduate undergrad
I'll still be 28 when I finish my degree in Physics, finishing my degree in Psychology isn't going to change that.

its not psych 101, i said i wouldnt give you my psych 101 take on it, learn to read
I'm actually curious about your "psych 101" analysis of me, now. I need a good laugh. I'm betting it's something along the lines of "I'm scared to enter the workforce so I'm postponing leaving the comforted structure of school after being in it for so long", which is what a friend of mine said to me and is not the case. I want to switch because I have no drive to continue with Psychology, I have no idea what area I want to go to Grad school for. With Physics I know what I want, and that's Astrophysics (studying the phenomena of space or working with other physicists to create more efficient and better modes of space travel to allow us to explore the galaxy and beyond further).
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