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Re: Narutard chat thread

Originally Posted by Mal View Post
"Only one more semester" that will cost him thousands of unnecessary dollars. The only thing you can do with a bachelor's degree in Psychology is continue onto getting your master's or doctorate. It is a logical fallacy to think that because you've mostly completed something, not completing it will be a waste. In reality, the past should not be taken into account, as accumulating additional costs at no gain is not a good idea. Miburo had a reasonable argument that a degree of anything is better than nothing, but you failed miserably.
actually mal my whole point of fininshing was that he would have a degree in a few months and he could still get a degree in physics if he still feels a lack of interest when hes done. mibs made an even better point about having the degree and finding a better job to pay for more schooling, people commonly not working the field they have a degree in whicch i took into account etc.

Originally Posted by kael03 View Post
You haven't answered the big part of my question. Why would I continue to waste my time on a degree that I'll never use and have little interest in pursuing? Why finish my degree and postpone getting a degree in a subject I've had interest in for the better part of 16 years compared to the subject I've been interested in for about 8? Even if I graduate in December with a degree in Psychology, I'll still have 2 years to go to get a degree in physics. Why would I push that to 2 and a half years so I can finish a degree I really don't care for anymore? That makes no sense.
Originally Posted by AniMeFaN View Post
well up until recently you thought you would use it, so how do you know the same thing wont happen when you are part of the way through physics, lose interest the same way. why not just finish what you put all the time and money into since you are only months away. even if you wind up not using it you have it just in case. you can still get your degree in physics if you decide that is the way you want to go but it would only be a few months later that you start down that path, difference is you would have a degree..

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