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Re: Narutard chat thread

Originally Posted by Trey View Post
Well, he's already said that: a) he's not interested in psych, b) the job market is not strong for a BA in psych holder, c) he doesn't want to spend money on that shit and would rather put it towards physics (fuck yeah).

When trying to challenge his stance, you would do well to argue point B, considering the whole premise of this debate is based upon making money because you have a degree. Until you bring up facts (or even basic points) that supports the refutation of point B, you don't have a leg to stand on (because points A and C are his opinion on what he'd rather pursue academically).
yea but honestly im not going to go find research done that people with a degree regardless of what it is make more moeny then those who dont on avg, or that he could use that degree to get a better job to pay for the rest of his schooling instead of getting a job with out
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