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Re: Narutard chat thread

Originally Posted by Trey View Post
Calm down bro. Kael never said he was going to jump straight to NASA after graduating with a BA in physics. Hell, he even said directly it would take him a doctorate at least to do so.

So, you don't have a point here.

Your strongest case was proving that getting a psych degree for higher potential income would be a better move for him while he pursued his physics degree. Otherwise, you're just telling him he's stupid for following his aspirations, which is at most conjecture, at least irrelevant, and at all times assholish.
i never said kael said that, thats the thing. i know he said he was going to go to more school after.

yea well the truth hurts some times, he is not going to study space and space travel for nasa, thats being realisitc. he is 25 and a psych major, the people studying space travel for nasa are far more gifted then this guy and its not like this job marked for nasa is in high demand either.
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