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Re: Narutard chat thread

Originally Posted by AniMeFaN View Post
yea well the truth hurts some times,
Your truth so you can try to get me to do what you want. Not the actual truth.

he is not going to study space and space travel for nasa, thats being realisitc.
Says the guy that believes asexuality doesn't exist and a matching game is indicative of intelligence.

he is 25 and a psych major,
You keep falling back to the major I'm changing from. How many times must it be said to get through that thick skull of yours? I'm NOT GOING FOR PSYCHOLOGY AFTER THIS SEMESTER. In the fall I won't be a psych major any more, I'll be a physics major. Cut the bullshit with "25 and a psych major" as it doesn't apply anywhere in this argument.

the people studying space travel for nasa are far more gifted then this guy
You honestly think I'm not gifted or gifted enough for NASA? I may not have the knowledge necessary for employment there at this moment, but that's what I'm attending school for. When I apply myself (I usually don't because I'm just bored), I'm at least MENSA level intelligence.

and its not like this job marked for nasa is in high demand either.
It's not like I'm looking for a job with them right now.
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